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New EPA Lead Paint Regulations... govern renovations, repairs

The EPA recently issued its RENOVATE RIGHT rule to protect children and adults from hazardous lead-based paint dust and chips. Effective April 22, 2010, contractors renovating or repairing structures with lead-based paint exposure must be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.

For a complete description of the new regulation, click here.

Structures covered by the new rule include houses constructed prior to 1978, and child-occupied facilities such as day-care centers or pre-schools that are housed in buildings constructed prior to 1978. Any work performed for pay that disturbs painted surfaces in these structures is affected by the new rule.

Individual renovation and repair professionals are required to complete an EPA accredited training course and apply for EPA certification. Renovation and repair firms must ensure that at least one certified renovator is used at each job site covered by the new rule.

In addition, renovation and repair contractors must follow specific practices at each site affected by the new rule.

RENOVATE RIGHT is a far-reaching regulation. It is important that all renovation and repair contractors thoroughly understand all aspects of the new EPA provision.

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