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ERISA renders fiduciaries personally liable if they breach any of the responsibilities, obligations or duties imposed upon them under law. Enacted to protect participants and beneficiaries of employee pension and welfare plans, ERISA establishes standards of conduct for plan fiduciaries. Fiduciaries of employee benefit plans assume personal liability in connection with the management and administration of those plans.


Under ERISA, the plan cannot relieve fiduciaries from liability or responsibility brought on by ERISA-imposed duties.


Knowledge of responsibilities and duties under ERISA is essential. As a fiduciary of an employee benefit plan, you owe certain stringent obligations to the participants and beneficiaries of the plan who place their trust in you.


If plan fiduciaries breach any of their duties under ERISA or fail to meet other reporting and disclosure requirements, they may be personally liable for any resulting losses to an employee benefit plan.


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